Limo Bus Wichita's Pricing Policy

Give us a call today for your personalized quote!

At Limo Bus Wichita we do not publish our rates on line. This is because we stay competitive and current in our prices so we can bring you the best deal all year round! Plus, we take a lot of factors into consideration when we build our quotes so there is no way to accurately post prices on line. Some companies will quote you a base hourly rate and then tag on outrageous fees for things like stops and mileage. But not us! At Limo Bus Wichita we build you an all-inclusive quote that accounts for unlimited stops and unlimited mileage, so no matter what you have planned you can rely ont he price we quoted you and not worry about hidden fees or excess charges!

When you're ready, just give us a call and let us know the date of your event, the number of passengers, the time and location of pick up, and the length of your rental, and we'll give you an exact on-the-dollar all inclusive quote!