Haunted Houses

From surviving the zombie apocalypse to wandering the haunted Field of Screams, Wichita is one of the scariest cities around when it comes to Halloween time.

Field of Screams

Pitting you against the infamous Jedediah’s field, you’ll see the atrocities of the so-called “vigilante murders” up close. You’ll be terrorized by sickening clowns and haunted by mind-blowing 3D effects. Cowering through twisted tunnels, sprinting through dark forest and loosing your mind in seemingly endless mazes, test yourself and see if you can make it through the Field of Screams alive. If you do, you’ll begin your journey through the most demented Wichita Haunted House, Clown Town.


Horrowood is one of the newest haunted houses in Wichita. With over 20,000 sq feet of twists and turns, you’ll wander through halls filled with some of the scariest monsters from your dreams. The monsters here are as creepy as can be, well thanks to a highly professional effects team. From zombies to aliens, ghosts and good old fashion monsters, there’s something that will scare everybody here.

Wicked Woods

For a more twisted haunted house, the Wicked Woods is the place for terror. As you trudge through the woods, you’ll have a hard time deciphering what’s real and what isn’t. By the time you make it out, who knows if you’ll even know. Filled with sickening reminders of where you’ve found yourself, be ready to be shocked, appalled and utterly scared from the corpses and the psychotic “artwork” you’ll see along the way. The actors here play along really well. While there’s tons of things to make you jump, most of the time, the actors are hiding behind trees, whispering crazy things and all around slowly brining you to delirium.

Goth Manor Haunted Attraction

As you enter into the ghostly mansion of Goth Macabre, be ready to be truly freaked out. From the terrifying monsters to the torturous artwork, you’re going to need a friend. The props here (half human, half who knows what) are some of the creepiest things you’ll find in a Wichita haunted house. The owners and operators of this haunted manor have been in the special effect business for 25 years. Specializing in props, prosthetics, lights and all around creepiness, you will find some of the most lifelike horror in Witchita at the Goth Manor. Just whatever you do, make sure cousin Phlegm doesn’t get too close.

Operation Zombie Hunt

Operation Zombie Hunt, a zombie safari ride, places you face to face with some nasty zombies. But here, it’s more about the action than the scare. On a trailer ride with 20 other survivors, you’ll be given one gun and one hundred paintballs to take out as many zombies as you can. But don’t worry, these are the slow, creepy zombies, so hunker down with your buddies and get ready to unload. Best of all, they don’t shoot back or chase after the trailer, so it’s fun for the whole family.

Zombie Toxin

With roots tracing back to 1930s Germany, Zombie Toxin is one of the most brutal haunted houses in Kansas. Tight hallways, dark corners and the disgusting creations of Dr. Von Monschuture all come together to terrify all who enter. The haunted house features the reanimated monsters of its owner. While there’s no shortage of zombies, there are tons of much more horrific creatures. You wander through the estate of Dr. Von Monschuture, a creepy test lab, and try to leave with some dignity as you’re chased by monster from the Box Head to the unworthy test subjects.